Puppeteer ready Docker environment

What's included:
  • Last version of puppeteer
  • Last version of chrome
  • Node JS
  • Node JS packages: puppeteer-extra, puppeteer proxy, aws-SDK
  • Regular fonts of Win and Linux, including Japanese, Korean, Chinese characeters

How to use?
You can download and run the image in your environment. It is totally free.

SaaS usage
Our managed environment is a good option if you need high concurrency threads and rotating proxies. Let us run your code!

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Where to use?
JS Headless rending, high-end web scraper, SERP, website screenshot

JS Headless rending
Render your website as if it was in a real browser. This simple Javascript rendering method allows you to scrape every website, even Single Page Applications built with React, AngularJS, Vue.js or any other library.

Web scraper
With our web scraping API, you can perform general web scraping tasks like real estate scraping, price tracking, and extracting reviews without getting blocked.

For SEOers, SERP means search engine results page. You can get Google search ranks with one simple API call. 

Website Screenshot or Website Video Record
Generate screenshots or recording a video with one simple API call.

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Tired of getting blocked?
We use blocking bypass tech and rotates proxies.

Blocking bypass
Our solution makes it convenient for bot developers who already use Puppeteer. Its main task is to hide the browser’s headless state by erasing the subtle browser fingerprint differences between Headless Chrome and standard Chrome browsers (used by humans).

Rotates proxies
By using our large proxy pool, you can bypass rate-limiting websites, lower the chance of getting blocked, and hide your bots!
  • Large proxy pool 
  • Geotargeting 
  • Automatic proxy rotation

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Save time!
Multiple threads ready environment. Managed environment.

Multiple threads
We manage thousands of headless instances with the latest version of Chrome. Instead of dealing with headless browsers that will consume your RAM and CPU, focus on extracting the data you need.

Managed environment
To ensure the product runs smoothly and continuously, we have a strong maintenance team and offer 24/7 support.
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Save money!
By controlling our costs strictly, we are able to offer a competitive price with a fast and stable service.

Pay as you go
We know all developers want to save money just like us. We do support a pay as you go rateplan which just cost 1$ month. You do not need to pay a high rateplan fee as what you  have to on other platform.

Pay by seconds and bindwidth
To provide the best price to developers, we charge the API by time and bindwidth. If a request takes 15 seconds and 5 MB, it will cost 6 credits (BRT) and 20 credits (bandwidth). 1K of these requests will only cost 26K credits(about 2.6$). Compare with others.

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Our customers
Good companies are using our service


Effortless integration

Integrate the API quickly and increase your data collection efficiency easily.

Javascript rendering

We render Javascript with a simple parameter without any additional payments.

Highly customizable

Our advanced features allow you to customize your requests based on your specific needs.

Easily Scalable

No matter how many pages you need to scrape, Our Taobao API meets your needs.

99.99% Uptime

We take every effort to ensure the highest possible level of availability and consistency.  

Scraping Schedule

Scrape the latest content by setting scheduler on a monthly, weekly, hourly, or daily basis.